Panteón Rococó To Headline 2017 Skanking Reggae Fest This Weekend

Panteón Rococó, Mexican ska band from Mexico City, will be performing for the second time this Saturday for the Annual Festival Skanking Reggae Fest at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles along with other international bands.

The band, Panteón Rococo, is back by demand by their fans in California! Their upbeat and energetic music consists of a mixture of rock, punk, reggae and ska all mixed together on stage.

The vocalist from the band, Dr. Shenka explained that the reason why they think they have been so successful is because they encourage interactions between the band and the public. He also expressed that anyone from anywhere can listen to their music and relate to it.

They never imagined they would be performing in such a large arena but are extremely grateful for the opportunity. Dr. Shenka said that being privileged to do what they love and travel is a dream come true.

They’ve had the opportunity to meet different types of people, learn new languages and about new cultures. Dr. Shenka mentioned that one of the best experiences was meeting the Spanish legendary singer Juan Gabriel.

Dr. Shenka opened up and said that Mexico inspires them, “La cuidad, sus historias, familias, locaciones, el empleo, y la violencia.” All those situations help them create their music that reflects a non-perfect society.

Despite any obstacles, the band is still going strong after 22 years since they began.

They will commence a new project midway through this year. They will be integrating new themes to their music.
They are beyond ecstatic to be performing in Los Angeles to manifest and unify with their songs.

Make sure you don’t miss out on Panteón Rococo’s performance along with other international bands like Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Dread Mar I, Antidumping and many more.

Get your tickets now to the Skanking Reggae Festival 2017 at AXS.COM, prices starting at $40. The show is appropriate for all ages.

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